Our Products

Crowdsense gives you the ability to measure and track occupancy levels within your premises while maintaining and practicing safe Covid protocols.

Using the latest AI and Machine Learning techniques to help make sense of real-time video, Crowdsense promises to value-add to the operations of your premises by:

Keeping the situation under control within premises with defined capacity and safe-distance parameters

High efficiency and speed to detect and identify persons of interest

Instant notification system via mobile if any parameters are breached


Count number of people
Determine the distance between people in the crowd and queues
Face matching to authorize entry
Medical mask detection and access control with infrared thermometer
Retracing steps and connecting past hang-outs
Alert when there is a capacity overload

Easy and Quick Deployment

1. Cameras

Use current cameras and DVRs to retrieve camera feeds and send to Buildos cloud

2. Cloud

Utilize secure streaming through SSL and encryption to send to our platform

3. Platform

Brazn Crowdsense will use AI to analyse your video feeds to equip and value-add your operations

Case Study – Mochit Bus Terminal
The biggest bus terminal in Thailand connecting the whole of Thailand’s provinces had a problem as it quickly became a potential nexus for COVID infections spreading across the country.

Brazn deployed Crowdsense to the bus terminal – combining Video Content Analytics and best in class Face Recognition to help enable contact tracking, control crowd capacity. We enabled the bus terminal to do real time reporting to the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Transportation.