Orchestrating Computer Vision, LLMs and IOT Sensors

The Modern AIOT Solution for Enterprises

Orchestrating Possibilities

Braiven is an orchestration platform that bridges the gap between Computer Vision AI, LLMs and IOT for different industries.

With gaps between the various technologies that are employed in digital transformation such as computer vision, IOT sensors – we help enterprises bridge between these gaps to achieve holistic data-driven automation and visualizations.

What Braiven Platform Does

Transform Data into Value within a Single Platform

At the core of our product is a platform that combines many information sources from different technologies. A combination of industry standards and custom integrations with best of breed partners is used. And we empower users to create applications for their own needs without the use of code (no-code).


What We Offer

Easy-to-deploy Products

Unifying Facility Operations

Braiven fulfills the promise of making buildings and spaces more intelligent, secure and enjoyable through the use of modern technology.

Intelligent Capacity Management

Crowdsense gives you the ability to measure and track capacity levels within your premise while observing safe distancing protocols are being adhered to efficiently in our new normal.

Connecting Edge Data

Our Braiven Edge is a specialized box pre-installed with our state-of-the-art AI algorithms that enable artificial intelligence on the edge without the need for you to send your video streams back to a central server.

Case Study

Building & Construction Authority

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic among Foreign Workers in the Singapore construction industry – worked alongside our partners Hubble to provide a platform to detect and measure distances between workers and send alerts if there are a congregation of workers too close together.

This solution was deployed in various sites throughout Singapore and shown to ministers in Singapore as part of the effort to keep the pandemic under control.

Customer Testimonials

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