Our Platform

High Level Architecture

There are two main tiers of the Braiven Platform – a central orchestrator platform and edge appliances. The orchestrator is the conductor of the symphony of edge appliances. The edge appliances contain the AI logic and send data back to the orchestrator and receive commands from the orchestrator.

In our architecture – the orchestrator is usually cloud based and we have many versions of the edge devices depending on the needs of the customer. This presents many advantages at scale. We dispense with the need for expensive infrastructure and enable the use of commodity hardware at the edge. This dramatically lowers the cost and increases the speed of deployment. It also allows you to scale as quickly or as gradually as you need.

Create impact & Deliver Results with Better Information

For enterprises who need to integrate multiple information from disparate technologies into effective solutions, Braiven provides an easy platform that allows customers to create impactful actions through smart rules that drive real results in a single view.

Industry Applications

Physical Security‚Äč

Combine the use of security cameras with advanced object and face recognition AI. Braiven is used in this to bridge the gap between camera networks and other systems such as IOT, AI, access and signage systems with just a few clicks of the button.

Facilities Management

Using IOT sensors and cameras - our platform is used by facility management companies and building managers. They use sensors to track water levels in water storage tanks, air temperature in transformer rooms to warn of overheating and explosions, water leaks in toilets. Combine this with CCTV camera integration for an instant view.


Braiven is used in retail spaces not only to track demographics and people in spaces, but also combine that data to control digital signage messaging. Control the capacity of spaces, identify and optimize spaces and use data to programmatically show the right content to the right people at the right time.


The tourism industry uses Braiven to enhance the customer experience in their attractions and locations. This is achieved by using Brazn capabilities to count people and queues, heatmaps for optimizing space planning and integration into messaging platforms to give customers a more personalized experience in their locations.