Our Capabilities

Image Recognition

We utilize state-of-the-art models to integrate image recognition capabilities into our platform. This allows us to track different types of objects in camera streams and images and the Braiven platform will then make sense of that information to trigger workflows and tasks.

For example – we have recognition capabilities to measure distances between people in a camera field-of-view.  Braiven uses a combination of pre-trained models, our own proprietary models and best-of-breed partner engines to ensure the highest accuracy and performance as we recognize the importance of the right results at the right time to make decisions.

Our capabilities in this space extend to facial recognition and license plate recognition. Projects that have utilized such capabilities recognizing personnel and vehicle plates for security entry, tracking personnel across their user journey in an attraction to map out their experience and path for insights, and tracking vehicles across a country to map out their location over time.

Internet of Things

We work with various hardware partners and IOT providers and offer integrations to sensors and actuators in the areas of security, environment and agriculture. We support most IOT protocols including LORA, Zigbee and NB-IOT – and offer a wide range of sensors from temperature, water quality to weather and more.

Capacity Monitoring

We deploy image recognition technologies with various counting methods to track and monitor movement to provide object or personnel count in an area for capacity monitoring. These information outputs can then be used to trigger other workflows such as withholding ticket sales when a queue has reached an upper limit, or generating an alert to operational teams that an area is overcrowded.